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Home Additions

GWM Roofing provides construction services for home additions in the state of Florida. For both homeowners and home investors, our reliable home addition services make the expansion process as practical and efficient as possible. 

Home Additions for Your Changing Needs

At some point in many homeowners’ lives, there comes a need for more space. Whether your family is growing or your home is now your office, home additions can provide the extra space for your changing lifestyle. 

When your home no longer offers the space that you need, home additions can save you from having to move. After all, when a house feels like home, you shouldn’t have to move just to gain extra space. We’ll work with you to design and construct additions that fulfill your needs in the home that you love. 

Popular Types of Home Additions

Home additions can take many forms. All homeowners are unique in their needs, wants, and lifestyles, but you can get inspiration from these common types of home additions:

In-Law Additions

An in-law addition can be built onto the side of your property for added housing. This type of addition typically features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living room.

Master Suites

To expand your bedroom and bathroom space, a master suite addition is a great choice. Master suite additions provide extra amenities to your home for a more comfortable and luxurious living space.  


Especially for growing families, mudrooms can provide the space that you need to minimize clutter and keep everyone organized. With storage space for shoes, coats, outdoor gear, and even laundry essentials, a mudroom can minimize clutter in your home.

Two-Story Additions

Two-story additions are ideal if you’re looking to add rooms to a two-story home. This addition can provide extra space for a first-floor family room and a second-floor suite, for example. 

Second-Story Additions

If you own a one-story home and are looking to expand, consider a second-story addition. This type of addition is ideal for extra bedrooms or upstairs office space.

Expert Home Addition Design and Construction

Our skilled team has years of experience in home construction. No matter your needs, we’ll develop and execute a home addition plan that matches your vision. Using top-caliber construction materials, our skilled team will complete your home addition project with speed and professionalism. Additionally, all of our contractors are trained, licensed, and insured, providing you with the highest quality of home construction services available. 

To begin your home addition project, reach out to us today. 

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