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The Benefits of Low-Slope Vs. Steep-Slope Roofing

Low-slope roofing and steep-slope roofing have distinct benefits for commercial and residential roofing. By understanding the differences between these two roofing designs, you can select the best option for your property.  What Is Low-Slope Roofing? Low-slope roofing has a slope below 3:12. This ratio represents the slope in that for every 12 inches of run,…

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Why Do I Need Roofing Insulation?

Insulation is a crucial component of any effective roofing system. For both comfort and energy conservation, all homeowners can benefit from installing roofing insulation.  Roofing Insulation for Energy-Efficiency While energy-efficient roofing materials are helpful, insulation is the best way to conserve energy in your home’s roofing. This is because insulation protects the temperature of your…

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4 Easy Steps to a Spring Roofing Inspection

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop in your closet. You also need to schedule a spring roofing inspection to ensure that the roof on your Florida home can withstand the strain of hurricane season and strength Florida’s intense sunshine.  It’s always best to hire a professional roofing contractor to perform a spring evaluation, but you can perform…

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Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Any roof leak is a major nuisance for homeowners, especially if it’s difficult to find or repair the source of the leak. Thanks to factors like horizontal roof boards, leaks can often develop up to 10 feet away from their source.  These are the most common of roof leaks to understand. Even if you plan…

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Is Your Roof Prepared for Extreme Weather?

Hurricane season begins in Florida on June 1. Is your roof prepared to endure the harsh winds and rains that occur during the five months of hurricane season? Be sure to follow these tips to protect your most important investment from extreme weather.  Trim Nearby Trees Strong hurricane winds can effortlessly send trees and branches…

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